Top Selling Children’s Educational App Kandoobi Animals Now Available in Spanish!

Kandoobi, a leading independent children’s app developer, has just released Kandoobi Animales en Español a fully translated Spanish edition of their top selling Kandoobi Animals app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Like their original app Kandoobi Animals, which has been featured in “What’s Hot” and “Staff Favorites” in the Apple App Store, Kandoobi Animales en Español offers children and families a 4-in-1 play and learning app where they can color, match and spell over 100 animals, bugs and reptiles characters. The new app provides Spanish pronunciations for each animal along with toddler-friendly navigation and basic instructions in Spanish.

“After the successful launch of Kandoobi Animals (English), we were encouraged to release a version both for Spanish speaking families and also for families looking to expose their children to Spanish,” Steven Running, Co-Founder of Kandoobi. “The best part has been watching my own daughter delight with the app while starting to recognize animals by their Spanish names.”

The variety of animals, bugs and reptiles featured in Kandoobi Animales en Español along with the four activities provides a multitude of combinations to entertain and stimulate childrens’ imaginations. Reviewers in the Apple App Store consistently praise Kandoobi for creating high quality educational apps that encourage creative play and learning. “Parents have been very enthusiastic about the lively design of our original characters, the toddler friendly audio and the length of time their children are engaged in these learning activities,” Scott Seward Co-Founder.

The team at Kandoobi is at work bringing the characters to life as they evolve the brand across multiple platforms. You can now see the Kandoobi characters at play in the video trailer for Kandoobi Animales en Español. “Our team has extensive experience supporting media brands such as Disney and NBCUniversal through our work at Tuesday Creative where Kandoobi was first incubated. With Kandoobi, we can now apply our talented writers, designers, programmers and producers on our own brand. It’s a great intersection of work and play, when we get to create great interactive content that engages, entertains and educates young minds,” Steven Running.

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