Kandoobi – Animal Edition’s release into the wild…

After months of development, all of us at Kandoobi were confident we had a product on our hands that kids would love.  After all, all our Kandoobi kids (the young children of our employees) loved playing with our beta version.  Especially my 4 year old daughter, Elissa.

But we knew the real challenge would be to get the seal of approval from kids who had never seen or played Kandoobi before.  Lucky for us, my wife proved to be an invaluable resource as she works at daycare/kindergarten where both my children attend.  She helped us arrange a small focus group at the school shortly before Kandoobi’s worldwide release….

Armed with a handful of iPads, myself and a few members of the Kandoobi development team headed to Woodland Hills, CA to share Kandoobi with children ranging in age from 2 to 4 years old.  The response was overwhelming!  Before we even finished our demo, we were surrounded on all sides by kids who were jockeying for position to see what this new app was all about.

What was most surprising was the game choices per age group.  While we were expecting the letters game to resonate more with the older kids, the 2 year olds were just as enthusiastic about dragging the letters to the spell out the animals.  And kids of all ages were completely engaged in the coloring activities, whether it was the free form coloring or the Scratch and Fill coloring.  And of course, Elissa was “Kandoobi’s little helper” as she showed all her friends how to play throughout the morning.  After all, she IS officially a Kandoobi expert!!

Needless to say, after 2 hours straight of interacting with over 50 preschoolers, we knew Kandoobi was ready to hit the ground running.  And so far, it’s been wild!


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